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100W Solar Flood Light

Type100W Solar Flood Light
Luminous EfficiencyPF≥0.93


100W Solar Flood Light comes with both wall and ground mounts, allowing you to install the light practically anywhere. The solar panel used on this unit is 32W polycrystalline panel that charges 11.1V 16AH lithium-ion battery. This is a very good combination and together with a built-in dusk to dawn sensor will provide about 8-10 hours of continuous illumination lasting through the night with one charge. The casing both for the flood light itself and the solar panel are made from aluminium, making this one of the most durable solar flood lights for the price. The flood light has an IP65 rating both for the flood light and the solar panel, so it can be installed and used outdoors all year round and should last in any weather conditions. OBIRON LIGHTING backs this solar flood light with a 2year warranty.

10W-200W LED Floodlight

High brightness light source. Good Reflective function. Protection grade IP65. Large Angle adjustment.